Whether you are only just setting up your small blog or have a well established website, you should consider setting up a business email address. Even if it’s just because you don’t want your own personal email address distributed into the big wide world! As your website grows and you start gaining more contacts, your email address will be circulated without your knowledge. Recommendations and referrals could mean that people you didn’t anticipate now have hold of your personal email address. On top of this, there are other concerns that mean you should set up your own professional email address.


If you send a professional email from a personal account, you will send the wrong message. A potential client or customer won’t feel totally confident receiving a quote from gorgeousleprechaun@hotmail.com. To be taken seriously as a potential contractor, consultant, trader, etc, your email address has to look official or you will be overlooked. Or even worse, seen as a scammer.


You use your personal email for all your social media accounts. You use it for Netflix. And Amazon. Probably PayPal too. Giving out your personal email address is giving random people 50% of your log in information to websites that could contain sensitive information. While most of those that know your email address won’t use it for anything malicious you don’t know where your email address could end up.


Your first name @ your business name helps attach you to your company and vice versa. When customers and contacts see your email address they will remember you and your business when they decide whether they wish to engage or not.


Having to sort through hundreds or thousands of emails split between your personal and business email address can be confusing. Messages get lost through volume of emails or by being distracted by personal emails during work hours. Separating the two makes it a lot easier to figure out what is important and what can wait.